Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Third Day In London

I think we walked a thousand miles yesterday! We have not yet taken a bus or the tube for any of our sight-seeing sojourns. It's been 'Shank's Mare' all the way!

I like to walk around cities. It's slow going, but you get to see so much more.

Our apartment is a couple of blocks from 'Speakers Corner' in Hyde Park. Yesterday morning we set off on foot with a spring in our step! Our first destination was Saint Paul's cathedral.

We stopped along the way in Trafalgar Square as it was buzzing with men in kilts. All drinking beer at 9 o'clock in the morning. At first we thought it was a political rally, but found out there was a Scotland vs England soccer match later that evening.

Before we got to Saint Paul's, Joe insisted on stopping in a bar for a pint of beer. AT 10 O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING? No thanks. I went next door to a gift shop.

Saint Paul's was beautiful.

We toured the cathedral with a lovely gentleman named Tom. Such fascinating history. Tom chatted so much our tour went over-time! Right up my alley!

From the cathedral, we headed over the Millennium Bridge to the Tate Modern Art Museum. We stopped in a few galleries before we went in search of some lunch.

We strolled the Riverside Walk along the Thames. Lots of families, lots of children, everyone enjoying themselves.

There were lots of buskers too. This guy had quite a crowd peering down over the wall as he played on riverbank. How he got any money I don't know.

We hobbled home at 4:30pm and fell immediately into bed. We needed to rest up for our date with friends from Canada who now live and work in London.

We met at The Churchill Arms in Kensington. The pub was awash in flowers! And people.

Julia and Stephen are a couple of smart, creative and artistic kids. Stephen is a talented animator who creates special effects in movies. Julia is a history major, model and actress.

We enjoyed a wonderful evening together. It was so exciting to hear about their hopes and dreams of starting a new life together in London. Oh, to be young again! It was great to see them.

And no evening in a pub would be complete without a puppy!

*You know the drill. Click on the photos if you want to see them in greater detail.

My feet still hurt!

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