Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Honeymooners - Part 2

Overlooking the metropolis of Squamish and Howe Sound from the Smoke Bluffs.

A pre-planned spring break visit quickly became Molly and Jordan's honeymoon when they eloped in New Hampshire on Saint Patrick's Day.  We were thrilled to host the loving couple for a week of eating, drinking, hiking, laughing and napping.  It was wonderful to get to know our son-in-law a little better, seeing as this was only the third time we had been in his highly enjoyable company.

As you will see from the photos, these two certainly win the 'Cutest Couple of 2016' award.  We had such a great visit with them and can't wait for the next time.

Hiking in the forest surrounding Brohm Lake.

Like father-in-law, like son-in-law.

Jordan's favourite food is pizza so Joe wowed him one night with a delicious array of homespun pizzas.  (Just wait until Joe's outdoor wood-fired pizza oven is finished being built, Jordan!)

A toast to the newlyweds!

Posing in front of Shannon Falls.

Beautiful views of Howe Sound from the summit of the Sea-to-Sky gondola.

Another photo from the top of the gondola.

We met up with the grandparents for lunch in Vancouver to celebrate the happy couple.  Bob and Ann (Joe's parents) welcomed Jordan into the family with open arms.

Marg (my mom) is thrilled to have a grandson-in-law!

G Marg and Molly

The rings.

We stopped by Molly's 101 year old great-grandmother's home to share the happy news and introduce Omami to Jordan.

A sweet wedding gift.

Young love glowing in the firelight.

And then there were six.

Molly and Jordan, you have each chosen excellent life partners.  We are thrilled as you begin your new life together.  We are SO HAPPY for you.  And for us.  Mazel tov!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Honeymooners: Part 1

Molly and Jordan eloped in Manchester, New Hampshire on Saint Patrick's Day last week.  Our entire family was over the moon to learn of this happy news.

Molly and Jordan had previously planned a trip out to the west coast for Spring Break, so I guess you could call this visit their honeymoon.  Every newlywed's dream, right?

The day before their arrival Paige said, "Let's turn the guest room into a honeymoon suite!"

And with that we were off!  We hit all the dollar stores in Squamish.  We had so much fun scouring each and every aisle for ways to decorate their bedroom.

Pinning the garland to the ceiling.  We assumed green was their wedding colour since they were married on Saint Patrick's Day.

With the help of You Tube videos, Paige learned the art of creating towel swans.

Chocolate 'eggies' for Easter and candy ring pops for some marital bling.

Paige decorated a sign for the bedroom door.

Candy, candles and some bubbly in a pail.

Please.  Do not.

Wherever the action is, Daisy has to be in the middle of it.

Almost there!

We bought white roses to sprinkle the petals on the bedspread.  As soon as Paige had finished spreading them around, she said, "They look like potato chips!"  They did. 

Just before we retired for the evening Joe, Paige and I donned 'noise cancelling headphones' so that we wouldn't hear anything while sleeping in such close quarters.  You know how passionate these honeymooners can be.

Congratulations, Molly and Jordan!  We are thrilled that you have tied the knot.  We are so happy for you.  And for us!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Lessons Learned While Caregiving

It has now been 11 weeks since Paige shattered her ankle in Vietnam.  Eleven very long weeks.  Paige has come through it with flying colours.  She is on the home stretch now.

I can't believe how hard these past three months were on all three of us.  Joe, Paige and I were a team, to be sure.  But man, it wore us down.  And working full-time through it all made it even more stressful and exhausting.  Not only was Paige's life impacted by her accident, ours was as well.

This experience has humbled me.  

It has made me think of friends, relatives and acquaintances who are caring for their chronically ill spouses, children or parents.  Many are disabled or in wheelchairs for the rest of their lives.  Caring for Paige has made me think of these caregivers, the unsung heroes of the world.  The angels here on earth.  There surely is a place for them in heaven.

Strolling the neighbourhood for a breath of fresh air.

Throughout Paige's ordeal, our cat Daisy has been by her side.

More sunshine, more fresh air.

A backyard break from the TV room.

Visiting with a friend.

Waiting for the anesthesiologist before her second surgery.

"Look, Ma!  No hands!"  Paige can now take a few steps without her crutches.

I am so glad Spring has arrived.  A time for new beginnings.