Sunday, May 29, 2016

Rainbows And Sore Legs

Joe and I decided to hike Al's Habrich Trail again this morning.  Two weeks ago we hiked to marker #19 where the snow line prevented us from going any further.  Today we got to marker #32 and it was our legs that prevented us from going any further!  Our goal is to hike to the final marker #44. 

A beautiful rainbow greeted us as we rode on the gondola to the top of the mountain.

 I can see my house from here!

 Up, up, up.  Two and a half hours straight up.

 The ridge at marker #32.

And in other news, my roses look so pretty at this time of year.

Rosa 'New Dawn'

Rosa 'Belle Story'

And in PIZZA OVEN NEWS, Joe has hired a stone mason to clad his pizza oven in dry-stacked stone.  It should be done by the end of June.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Beauty Hunting

Stawamus Chief and art installation by Australian artist Kristin McIver.

These beauties are into headstands these days.

On the way up Habrich Mountain.

Halfway up Al's Habrich Trail with the Tantalus Mountain Range in the background.

Hang on, Harvey!

This beauty on her way to work.  Only using a cane now! (Photo credit: Bob Sotham)

Joe and I got lost on a hike up in our local mountains.  The beautiful scenery kept us company while we tried to find our way out of the woods.

This has to be the most beautifully stacked woodpile I've ever seen!

Beautiful evening.  Beautiful friends.

Pretty nice view for a cat.

Kitty cat beauty parlour.

Stawamus Chief and the Blind Channel.

All this scene needs is a couple of bums in those chairs with a gin and tonic in hand.

My beautiful weeping robinia tree.

Sleeping beauty.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Pizza Oven Progress In Pictures (Part 3)

Things are moving forward in the pizza oven department, folks.  Slowly in the right direction.  I swear, if it weren't for Joe's friends, we wouldn't even be talking about an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven in our backyard.  Bruce donates hours from his precious weekends to build it, Kevin is constantly dropping off logs in our driveway and Randy is always there with his log-splitter ready and willing to help buck up Kevin's wood donations.

 The pizza oven got woken up from its long winter's sleep.  The guys are putting on the final skim coat.

 Building the enclosure to keep the oven safe from the rain and wind.

 Showing off his mad power tool skills.

 Ideas, ideas.
 Applying the hardiboard.

 It starting to look like something!

 Now Joe just has to figure out how he wants to finish it.

Have log-splitter, will travel.

We should have spent Sunday stacking the wood Randy split for us, but we ran away from home and hiked up Al's Habrich Trail instead.

When we stopped for lunch, we shared this granite outcropping with a guy who talked on his cellphone for half an hour.  SHEESH!  So much for enjoying nature...

This package was waiting for Joe on our doorstep yesterday evening.  SUCH EXCITEMENT!  It was full of pizza oven tools.

 Practicing his form.

 This tool can double as a back scratcher.  Ahhh, heaven!

 This brush can help tame my unruly hair!

A happy guy.  His dream is getting closer every day.