Saturday, May 27, 2017

Ten Days Of Pure Sweetness

My daughter Molly and granddaughter Baby J recently visited for 10 days.  The sweetest ten days.

Joe flew Molly out from Boston and arranged this visit to coincide with Mother's Day; my first without my mom.

It meant the world to me that Molly would travel across the continent with her young babe to be with us.

This child has brought such joy to our lives.  She is an extrovert who loves people.  She was passed from pillar to post for ten days and enjoyed every minute of it.  No one was a stranger to her.

We had a wonderful time.  It was busy and fun and full of laughter and baby slobber.

I never wanted it to end.

Gerber Baby.  (Photo credit: C. Touchet)

Our first morning together.

 Skyping with Daddy.

 We were not yet able to convince Josephine to embrace the great outdoors.

 Such adoration.

Some of the 'kids' came for a visit.

 Eleven guests for lunch on the back deck.

 Full of smiles.

"Hmmmm, can you let me think about that for a minute, Auntie Paige?" 
(Photo credit: C. Touchet)

 Having a wee cuddle with Uncle Will.

 Fun with Mommy.

 Receiving a few bouncing lessons from Auntie Paige.

 Happy hour with the all blue-eyed ladies.

 Josephine's BFF was not sure what to make of her.

 Some of our oldest and closest Squamish friends.

 Mother and child #1.

 My favourite Canadian.

 It wasn't all about the baby.  Here's Julia is receiving a bread-making lesson from Joe.

 Early mornings with Gwamma.

 "My mom is so much fun."

 Early morning adoration.

 "How do you like my first tooth?"

 Facetime with Dad.

 More smiles.

 "This pillow is my new best friend.  I could stare at it for hours!  Oh wait, I already do."

 She is such a jolly jumper.

 Baby and Papa.

 "Oh, Grandma!  You're so funny."

 Baby J and Great-Grandma Sotham.

 Baby J and Great-Grandpa Sotham.  "Here, Grandpa, gimme a little taste of that watch." 

 "My newest BFF!  Tulips!"

 "Where'd everybody go?"

 "Oh, hey there!"

 Molly brought Josephine to my school one morning where she was an instant hit with my colleagues.

 Josephine visited my classroom.

 "Oh, Grandma, would you please stop kissing me for one minute?"

 "This book is the tastiest one yet, Danelle."


 "Who is that cute baby, Mom?"

 Mother and child #2.


 "Watch this, Grandpa!"

 Early morning 'pain au raisin' by pastry chef Joe.

Firing up the outdoor pizza oven before dinner.

 Hangin' out with Grauntie Chrissy and...

...Gruncle Kevin.  (photo credit: C.Touchet)

 Mother and child #3.  Happy Mother's Day!

Me and my kids on Mother's Day.

The fam damily hiking the Four Lakes Trail.

As you all know, I am a crier.  I cry at hellos, I cry at goodbyes and I cry at everything in between. Saying goodbye to this baby is always difficult for me.  And this good-bye was especially hard.    

The hardest good-bye at 3:00am.  

I was incredibly sad to see them leave.   

For ten days, our house was so lively with this baby in it.  

Drinking coffee in the living room at 6:00am and having a smiling, squiggling baby plopped in my lap every morning was pure heaven.  PURE HEAVEN I TELL YOU!

I am counting the days until Joe and I fly to Boston in July to visit this sweet bundle of love and smiles.

See you soon, my sweet Baby J.  

Gwamma loves you.