Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day Two In London Town

I have never been overwhelmed by a city. Until yesterday.

Joe and I spent the morning walking. We walked as far as our short little legs would carry us. I was clacking photos left, right and centre.

When we had walked far enough, we hopped on an open-air tour bus. We wanted to get a sense of this city. We wanted to know where everything was.

GOOD GRIEF! Everything is everywhere!

We were on that bus for over three bloody hours! And the city kept coming at us!

We kept going and going and going and GOING!

"London never ends!" I said to Joe. "How are we going to manage it? We need a month in this city, not just a week!"

We returned to our apartment last night at 6:30pm. We'd been out and about for nine hours. With a gin and tonic in hand, we made a list of what we wanted to see and do.

Our list is long and our days are short.

I guess it's like that old joke: "How do you eat an elephant?" "One bite at a time."

Wish us luck today. We're off to eat an elephant.

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