Monday, May 20, 2013

The Past Week in Ten Photos

Last weekend we were invited up to beautiful Anderson Lake by one of my colleagues.  Spent the afternoon lazing on their boat.

When we arrived at the lake I discovered that one of my former kindergarten students was dating my colleague's daughter!  It was great to see Larry all grown up.

Now that my kids are grown and have moved away, I don't have to share my bathroom with anyone.  Except for Joe's sourdough bread starter.  Apparently it likes the warmth from our heated  floor tiles.

Sadly, I am no longer a gardener.  I have spent the past several years removing flower beds from my yard and replacing them with lawn.  But every once in a while a throwback from my glory days makes an appearance and causes my heart to break with its beauty.

Meet Joe's incredible 98 year old grandmother.  She continues to live in her own home even after losing her 102 year old husband last year.  She is one hell of a woman and I love her to the depths of my soul.

Nuthin' says "Welcome To The Neighbourhood" like this friendly sign on a fence post in Brackendale.

Joe and I walked the seawall along False Creek in Vancouver last weekend.  I loved these reclining seats, especially the one holding the woman reading a book with her little shaved dog on her lap.  The photo bomber in the background just adds another layer of mystery, don't you think?

Joe's herb garden is finally receiving a much needed upgrade thanks to our friend Dan.

Okay, this is going too far.  Now I have to share my bathroom with 
Joe's creme fraiche?!?!?!

My favourite boy got extremely sick (cause unknown) while at my house last week and was close to death.  Thankfully he made a quick and complete recovery.  That was the best news of my week!