Friday, August 16, 2013

London ~ Day Four

Okay. Forget that "we-love-to-walk-everywhere-because-we-see-so-much-more-that-way" nonsense I was spouting off yesterday. While it is totally true, my feet would be pulp if we were to walk around London for a week. And never mind my feet! I think I've got shin splints!!

To the rescue? An oyster card!

It takes us FOREVER to figure out which bus line to take to our destination, but since buses come along every few minutes and many routes run 24 hours a day, we've been pretty successful thus far.

Yesterday was a big day for us in the London sight-seeing world.

You know when I mentioned 'eating the elephant one bite at a time'? Well I think we gnawed on his tail for a little bit.

We had 10:00am tickets for the London Eye. Great views from up top!

And since we were down at the river, we figured we might as well cross it and tour inside Westminster Abby. It was a HIGHLIGHT of our day. Probably of our week in London. It was breathtakingly beautiful in there! History in every corner! I can hardly wait to return.

We headed back to the apartment for lunch and a much-needed rest. But we could not stay long! We had 2:45pm tickets for Buckingham Palace. Back on the bus everyone!

When Queen Elizabeth is on summer holidays up in Scotland, she opens several state rooms in the palace for visitors in August and September. Again, history in every opulent room.

There was no time to go back to the apartment because we had tickets to see 'Billy Elliott' at the Victoria Palace Theatre! What a show! I loved it. The singing, the dancing, the acting! What a great musical.

At the end of the show, we took the bus back up to Edgware Road. We were starving so we popped into the Lebanese restaurant directly below the flat we're renting.

Does no one sleep in this neighbourhood? We got there at midnight and families kept coming in after us! Grandmothers, parents and little kids all there for a meal. I couldn't believe the stamina of those children.

With full bellies, we waddled up the stairs to bed. Man, that was a full day!

But at least our feet weren't sore!

I'm now up and at 'em and ready for another great day on the streets of London! I wonder what's in store for us today?

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  1. The food looks yummy! Glad you are having a blast! Shu