Friday, August 9, 2013

A Hunting We Will Go...

Many months ago, Joe was watching a cooking show on TV and the chefs were trying their hand at hunting rabbits for a stew they were going to make. Ever since then, Joe has wanted to go rabbit hunting.

The Jenkins' made it happen for him last night.

Joe had wanted me to come along and take photos, but Trev's vehicle only had two seats. I was totally okay staying back at the house and watching TV.

Rabbits have become pests in this country and Trev has been hired to rid farmers' fields of rabbits. He goes out every night. And last night Joe tagged along. And was quite helpful it turns out.

They hunted in the dark until 10:30pm, then went to the pub for a pint.
Another quintessential British experience.

I mean, who else gets to go rabbit hunting when they visit England?

Joe does.

*You know the drill. Click to enlarge the photos.

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