Sunday, November 12, 2017

Boston, Baby! (Part 2)

I am heading home after a phenomenal 17 day visit with my daughter, son-in-law and infant granddaughter in Boston.  I write this as I sit at Gate 17 waiting for my flight to Vancouver.

The first week of the trip was filled with family, 1st birthday celebrations and Hallowe'en festivities.

After the British Columbian party guests returned home, lucky Grandma got to stay for another ten days!  Our time was filled with reading boards books, eating every two hours, walks to the park, trips downtown on the train, baby snuggles, kisses on the lips and story hours at the public library.

 High fives for mom.

 Milk stupor.

 At the farmer's market.

 Learning to walk.


 Jordan is the baby whisperer.

 Me and my newest BFF Momo.

 Momo even won Molly over!

 Molly has met some lovely friends since living in Boston.

Excitedly waiting for her first taste of pizza!

 These fenced-in 'tot lots' are sprinkled all over Molly and Jordan's Jamaica Plain neighbourhood.  Not only do the playgrounds have swings and slides, but people donate their used tricycles, push cars and play kitchens.  It gives the children so much more to do and the kids love it.  This idea should be adopted everywhere!

 Smiles on the swing.

 Mama and baby at the library's story hour.

Watching the world go by.

 Kisses for mom!

 Licking the toys at the downtown library.

 Make way for ducklings!

Molly and I out on the town.

 Littlest angel.

 This baby loves to sit for hours beside her bookshelf and read.

 Happy 30th birthday, Molly!

Getting ready for bed.

 All dressed up with somewhere to go.

 Three generations.

 If you ever get the chance, please go to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston.  It is incredible!

 Selfie at the museum!

Hairdo by Dad.

The gang.

Thank you Molly, Jordan and Josephine for a wonderful 17 day visit.  

I loved every minute of it.  

I cannot wait to see you guys again.  

I miss you already.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Boston, Baby!

My granddaughter turned one last week.  My whole fam damily, plus my youngest sister Chrissy, flew out from B.C. to celebrate with her in Boston.

It was a fun-filled weekend of cupcakes and special meals, parties and presents.  What made it even more special was that Josephine's birthday buddy, Chrissy, joined us for the festivities.  What a blessing it was when Josephine was born on my sister's birthday!

As you know, I am one of Josephine's biggest fans.  She is smart, she is funny.  She is friendly, she is kind.  She is enthusiastic, she is a lover of life.  Everything delights her.  She is my spirit animal.

Grandma and baby.

Papa and baby.

Auntie Paige and Uncle Will with baby.

Birthday buddies.

Boston is so pretty in the autumn.

The happy family.

Baby's first steps.

Pure joy.


Fun with Dad.

I have seen a lot of fathers in my life.  And no one compares to this guy.  Hands down, one of the best dads I've ever known.

Snuggles on the bus with Grandma.

Make way for ducklings!

Happy first birthday, Josephine!

Baby's first sugar!  And loving every mouthful of it.

Party on!

Watching the world go by.

Boston Public Garden.

Downtown Boston.

"Farewell vain world I have enough of thee,
And now I'm careless what thou sayest of me,
What fault thou see'st in me take care to shun, 
There's work within thyself that should be done,
Thy smiles I court not,
Nor thy frowns I fear,
My cares are past,
My head lies quiet here."
Edward Carter died in 1742 at age 45.
Granary Burying Ground.

Fun on the street with Auntie and Uncle.

A baby peeing on her mother is always funny!

Fun at the playground!

Beers at one of the oldest bars in Boston.  Thanks for buying, Paige!

Peace out, man.

The girls and I went out for an early birthday celebration before Paige flew home to Vancouver.

This girl makes friends wherever she goes.  One day while on the bus, we sat beside a family with three children.  Josephine smiled, waved and cooed at them.  The next thing we knew, the children were asking to hold her.  Josephine was passed from pillar to post and she (and they) loved every minute of it.

All too soon, the party weekend came to an end.  Grandpa Joe, Auntie Paige, Uncle Will and Grauntie Chrissy all returned to their Canadian homes.  But lucky Grandma got to stay behind!

How happy was I to be a part of Josephine's first Hallowe'en?  It was a fun-filled day.  A dance party at the local library, carving jack-o-lanterns at home and trick-or-treating on Beacon Hill.

Josephine dressed up as her favourite fruit.

I got to take Josephine to the library's Hallowe'en party ALL BY MYSELF!

Babies are so helpful when it comes to carving pumpkins!

Kisses for the jack-o-lanterns!

We went trick-or-treating in Beacon Hill, one of Boston's oldest and wealthiest neighbourhoods.  My photos do not do the event justice.  Every home was decorated to the hilt and every homeowner was dressed in elaborate costumes.  

A couple of Hallo-weiners.

A trio of monkeys with their favourite banana.

Posing with pumpkins!

Josephine's first Hallowe'en candy!

This decorated dog was a hit with all of the adults and children.

Pumpkins and stars hanging from trees.

Waiting for hobgoblins.

The jack-lanterns Molly and I carved.

What a fun Hallowe'en!

I have been in Boston for a week now and thankfully I get to stay for another.  

I am looking forward to being with the gang and soaking up as much of this baby as I can.  Josephine is just so much fun to hang out with.

I cannot get enough of her.