Sunday, December 21, 2014

Gearing Up For Christmas

A recent visitor to my home commented, "Boy, your house isn't very Christmas-y.  I would have thought as a primary teacher your house would be decorated to the nines."

Nope.  And this is why:

It is ALL CHRISTMAS ALL THE TIME in my classroom for the month of December.

 We decorate paper gingerbread men.

 We hang circle Santas from the ceiling.

 We write letters to Santa Claus with the help of our big buddies.

 We celebrate 'Holiday Hat (and beard) Day'.

 We concentrate very hard on colouring for our paper bag Santa puppets.

 We decorate the live Christmas tree I cut down in the forest.

 We construct and decorate graham wafer 'gingerbread houses'.

 We love to use glue and glitter and sequins on our art projects.

 We collect 927 toys and non-perishable food items for Community Christmas Care.

 We add lights to our Christmas art displays.

 We make Christmas swags to take home to our families.

 We send Christmas wishes for the world.

We dance and sing as snowmen in our Christmas concert.

I sit on the floor and sing along with my students as they perform for their families.

Christmas decorating at my house tends to be very simple.  A tree, a display of my children's photos with Santa and a little wooden creche.  That's it.

 Heading out into the woods with friends and a dog to find the un-perfect tree.

 Cramming into the van with the Christmas trees.

 Unwrapping boxes and boxes of my vintage Christmas balls.

Pretty bird.

Posing with the tree on Christmas Day, 1961.

I really enjoy Christmas experiences more than I do decorating my house.

 At the top of the Sea-to-Sky Gondola on a sunny winter day.

 Listening to my school's choir sing Christmas carols in the Summit Lodge.

Beautiful Howe Sound during a 4:00pm sunset.

And then there is this guy.  Always baking and cooking up a storm.

My favourite chef.