Friday, July 8, 2011

Walking With Sally

Our hosts, Diana and Roger, generously gave us a walking tour as a gift to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. As you know, both Joe and I love to walk and hike so we were thrilled to do it with a guide in the Lot Valley.

Sally picked us up at the house this afternoon and drove us to the little village of Caillac. We walked for 3 hours and covered 10 kilometers. We walked through large stands of oak trees that were planted decades ago so that truffles could be harvested from their roots; we walked alongside acres and acres of grape vines; we walked through walnut groves whose nuts have made this area famous; we walked through sleepy medieval villages. We walked and walked and walked.

We peppered poor Sally with so many questions about the trees, about the land, about the buildings, about everything!

We walked under a cloudless sky and were in dire need of a drink when we finished. We drank a quick beer at the local bar in Caillac before heading back to Martignac.

If you ever find yourself in the Lot Valley and need a fabulous guide, or a place to stay, Sally is your gal. She runs a bed & breakfast, she leads cultural tours, she does guided walks, she leads walking holidays, she rents out her studio to artists, and holds retreats for artists and writers.

Sally Gaucheron is from Jersey and has lived in France for 20 years.

Her information: (e-mail) (website)

Telephone: 05 65 24 66 36

Tell her Nancy sent you.


  1. What a beautiful hike. The scenery is very lush.

  2. Are those cyclists part of a club - all in yellow?

  3. The cyclists in the yellow jerseys were riding to raise money for some disease (that I couldn't quite read on the side of one their vans). There was a huge group of them with lots of support vehicles both in front of them and in back.

  4. Oh Nancy... What a life. This is the perfect summer vacation.