Friday, July 15, 2011

Bastille Day

Our neighbours Gill and David kindly invited Joe, Chrissy, Kevin and I to join their Bastille Day celebrations. Our response was a resounding YES! We drove to the quaint village of Castelfranc for the festivities. The sun was low in the sky and it caused the medieval buildings to glow a beautiful orange.

We took our seats at one of the many long tables. It almost felt like being at a wedding! Jugs of wine and baskets of bread ran the length of the tables. It was my kind of dinner party!

We started off the meal with a big wedge of melon and slices of Parma ham. We learned the local custom of dipping pieces of cantaloupe into the strong red wine aperitif. Some diners didn't bother with dipping and just poured the entire aperitif over their appetizer. Out came platters of duck confit which were passed from person to person as were big ceramic bowls of fried potatoes and mushrooms. The wine flowed freely.

Before dessert was served, the group of French people sitting next to me struck up a conversation with us. We all spoke a mixture of French and English to learn about each other. They were from northern France and were on holidays the same as us. They were surprised to learn we were from Canada seeing as how far away it is. We discovered that we all shared a love of the Lot Valley, the tiny villages, and the regional food.

It was all going along pleasantly.

Then the bubbly woman beside me gestured toward Chrissy and said, "She looks like you. Is she your daughter?"

My night instantly ground to a screeching halt.


I said, "Non, madame. Elle est ma soeur."

Chrissy saw the woman get flustered and wanted to know what she said. I repeated what the woman asked me and Chrissy immediately began blowing her kisses.

I am the first to admit my sister looks incredible. But seriously? I look 70? Needless to say, that comment took the wind out of my sails for a bit.

For the rest of the evening every time Chrissy and I looked at each other we burst into gales of laughter. The band started to play and the dance floor filled with couples. My sister and I took a tour of the dance floor with our husbands and then bid Gill and David adieu.

We drove home under a full moon.

I should have sat on that bitch while I had the chance.


  1. That woman must have been mentally ill!!! (And it was a really fun night!)

  2. That woman has vision impairment!!!! What a fun day you guys had!

  3. It's just the snow white hair. Hair dye is beyond a shadow of a doubt the number one thing that has made women look younger in our times.

    If you and Chrissy had both worn babushkas tied under the chin in the Eastern European fashion nobody would have said is Chrissy your daughter.

    Why not try it as an experiment next dinner party? I'm sure you can find attractive French kerchiefs.

  4. Good idea, Mary! Maybe we'll give it a try the next time.

  5. I want to see photographic documentation of that event!! It all sounds so FUN!! And Nanc, I know only too well the feeling of being mistaken for someones MOTHER! Sheesh! You should have offered her your glasses!!
    Jo xoxo

  6. So much laughter


  7. okay i LOL especially on the last comment and nancy like ve said you are the momma and a hot one at that and i maean it you do not even give that another thought and keep shaking what your momma gave go girl love to you all...Donna

  8. Nancy - she must have been visually impaired. She did not look at your lovely complexion.