Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fifty-Three And Counting

As a child, I never liked having a summer birthday. Either one of two things would happen.

One: All of my friends would be on vacation and couldn't attend my birthday party.

Two: My family and I would be on vacation and none of my friends could come to my birthday party.

I always wished my birthday was in a month that was NOT July. Or August.

But not any more! As an adult, I LOVE having a summer birthday. And the fact that my past five birthdays have been spent in Europe is a dream come true.

I had a lovely birthday yesterday. We drove to the sleepy little village of St. Medard and had lunch at 'Le Gindreau'.

The setting was beautiful, we sat out on the terrace under the shady canopy of several huge chestnut trees, the service was impeccable, and I had to eat with my eyes closed for most of
the meal so that there would be no other distractions for my brain and my taste buds.

The food was absolutely heavenly. This is the second Michelin starred restaurant I've had the privilege to eat at, and it was perfect in every way.

After the three hour meal, one of the servers came out with a special birthday creation, complete with sparklers and dessert.

Chef Alexis Pelissous came out of the kitchen to wish me a happy birthday and signed the copy of his cookbook that we bought. Photos were taken, handshakes exchanged all around, and we were back in the car headed for home.

But the fun didn't end there! At 7:00pm, our lovely neighbours from across the street came over with their daughter who had just arrived from London. Wine, snacks, and happy chatter. Thank you Gill, David and Olivia for my coming to my party.

Thanks Joe, for another amazing day in my life. I am one lucky lady. You spoil me.

Thanks everyone for all of birthday wishes. I appreciated the phone calls, the Facebook messages, and the e-mails. I feel your love all the way across the Atlantic Ocean!

Like I said, I am one lucky lady.


  1. Sounds like the PERFECT birthday!

  2. jouyeux anniversaire, Nancy.
    I have been enjoying your summer too :)
    Thanks for sharing. Selene J.

  3. What did you eat! Que est ce que tu manges? (pardon moi pour les errors en francais)

  4. Now I wish my birthday was in the summer. It looks like it was perfect- including the weather.

  5. We ate foie gras, sea bass, truffle ravioli, pigeon, 6 different cheeses, and a delicious chocolate dessert. We drank an aperitif made with Grand Marnier and 3 fruit juices; a bottle of yummy champagne; a glass of port to wash down the cheese; and a cafe to seal the deal.