Wednesday, July 13, 2011


We woke up to rain this morning and thought it might be a good day for a road trip. After a quick breakfast we hit the highway and headed south for Toulouse.

We arrived 2 hours later. Not a drop of rain to be seen.

Our first order of business was to find somewhere for lunch. Because we all know that lunch is served in France from noon until 2:00pm and if you miss that window of opportunity you are outta luck. We passed by a restaurant called l'Entrecote. It was PACKED with diners and looked lovely inside. We walked in.

We were seated in a cozy corner upstairs. Joe excused himself to use the washroom and as soon as he did, our waitress came to take our order. With notepad in hand she asked, "How would you like your steak cooked?" Chrissy, Kevin and I stared at her and we must have looked like three pitiful fawns caught in her headlights. "Steak? Who said anything about steak?" we were all thinking. I started to splutter something in French about waiting until my husband joined us, when Joe arrived just in time to help us navigate ordering our food.

Again, everyone got the same meal. The 'Plat du Jour' was: salad with walnuts, steak, and matchstick French fries. Our waitress asked us a second time about our steak. Did we want it bleu, rouge or rose? Joe ordered his blue and the rest of us ordered it red. Hands down the best steak and fries we've had.

With no more room in our burgeoning bellies, we said 'non merci' to dessert and went to wander about Toulouse. We spent the rest of the afternoon walking, shopping, and sight-seeing. And riding merry-go-rounds.


  1. Again, a very fun day! Toulouse was beautiful and I'm still not hungry after that delicious steak lunch.

  2. Oh. My. GOD! My mouth is watering!

  3. Nanc seriously you look great on a painted pony it looks such an incredible time fantastic.....d