Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quiet And Rainy

It is very quiet around here now that all of our company has gone. Not only have our house guests left us, but so has the sun. The past few days have been real wet ones. The view of the Lot Valley from the balcony is now full of low hanging dark clouds, mist, fog and rain.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you. Our home province of British Columbia has been hit with one of the worst summers on record. I think people are getting ready to build a few arks. B.C. has been under a deluge of rain and it's inhabitants are fit to be tied. Oh no, I'm not complaining.

But enough about B.C.

Back to me in my soggy little part of the world.

When it is hot and sunny, these 500 year old houses are just the ticket. Who needs air conditioning when you've got stone walls that are 3 feet thick?

But it is another thing entirely when it is raining! It is quite damp in here. The covers on our books are starting to curl in on themselves. I picked up the newspaper off the floor this morning and it felt wet in my hands. The bath tub is Joe's newest best friend. I don't take my cardigan sweater off.

I brought one pair of long pants with me and I have been wearing them non-stop these past few days. We've been out walking in the rain and they could definitely use a wash. But there is no way they'd ever dry in time for me to put them back on again if I hung them on the clothes line downstairs. So the trousers stay on my body and out of the washing machine.

We are not letting the poor weather get us down. (Well, maybe a little bit.) We are sitting with our backs to the French doors in the living room so we can't see what's happening outside. We've stopped checking the weather forecast on our computer every few minutes because it seems as if the rain symbols are replacing the sun symbols with shocking speed.

Now if you'll please excuse me while I go wring out my novel. I'm going to climb under my blanket and read.

- Posted from France


  1. oh, i hope it improves for your last bit of time there.

  2. Thankfully the sun has returned to the sky today. The forecast is for warm and sunny here on in.