Saturday, July 2, 2011

Julia and Her Piano

One of the perks of having wonderful children, is that you get to know their wonderful friends. Such was the case in point last Saturday night when we hosted Molly's friends Julia McDougall and Andrew Lee for the weekend.

Both Julia and Andrew are musicians extraordinaire. Julia plays the piano and Andrew wails on a trumpet.

Last year Joe and I hosted a fund-raiser for Julia to help her get to the 'North By Northeast Music Festival' in Toronto. Our generous friends gave over $1,000.00 to support this talented young singer-songwriter.

Julia graduated from Simon Fraser University's music program this past spring and is moving home to Saskatchewan next month. Joe and I thought it would be fun to have Julia back to the Sotham Arena before she left beautiful British Columbia. She has a lot of fans here in Squamish.

The weather has not been kind to us here on the west coast. Winter has hung on and on and on. Saturday's forecast was a mix of clouds, rain, wind and cold. I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. With one eye on the sky I set up fairy lights, tables, chairs, candles, and tiki torches in the back garden. Slowly the clouds began to dissipate and the skies cleared just in time for our concert to begin. We lit a huge fire in hopes of staving off some of the dampness and cold.

The audience assembled their chairs on the grass in front of Julia's piano and the show began. Julia's sweet voice floated out to us (you could see her breath) over the notes of her piano while Andrew's trumpet accompanied her perfectly.

As I looked out over the gathered guests, I laughed at how many of them were bundled up in scarves, hats, hoods and blankets. June 25th? I think not!

Despite the chill, we enjoyed ourselves immensely. The food was tasty, the wine was flowing, friends were chatting, and the arts were being supported.

AND IT DIDN'T RAIN! (Andrew's band)

*There no photos with this post, as all the pictures I took that night are stored on my home computer.

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  1. It was a wonderful evening of scrumptious treats for our ears, tummy and hearts. I loved every morsel. Thanks for the invite!!