Saturday, July 23, 2011

Marche Gourmande

On our last night together, we finally made it to a 'Marche Gourmande'.

We'd had a few false starts in the previous days and we were determined to make it to one before Chrissy and Kevin left for Paris.

It wasn't looking good. It had started to rain of all things! Marche Gourmandes are open-air affairs with everyone sitting at long tables eating together! How would it work if it were raining?

We were about to find out.

We left Martignac at 7:30pm and arrived in Montcabrier several minutes later. We parked in an alley and walked around the corner into the village square. I will never forget the sight that greeted us! Hundreds of people were sitting at the tables with their umbrellas in the air!! At that moment I fell in love with the French even more.

We had an airline blanket with us which we used to cover the wet table top. Just then the rain began to ease up. Kevin ran for the rose wine, Joe went to get some frites and Chrissy stood in line for some grilled sausages. Me? I just sat there and took it all in.

One of our appetizers were skewered prunes wrapped in bacon and grilled over the coals. I love me some sweet and salty. They don't look all that tasty from the photo (they kinda look like some weird larvae) but let me assure you they were delicious.

The rest of our meal was very tasty. In addition to the wine, sausages, prunes and French fries, we ate 'cabecou' (goat cheese drizzled with honey) and walnut cupcakes for dessert.

We toasted a fabulous holiday together and wished each other well on our upcoming adventures. What a great 11 days we had!


  1. That goat cheese, cabecou, Warmed to melting,covered in honey, dressed with local perigord walnut, on a toasted baguette, that is worth coming to France to eat.

  2. while reading this I caught a glimpse of my arm, it is a funny shade of green- GREEN with ENVY!!!!!
    My google account doen't work from the laptop
    Colleen Moberg, ex friend!!!

  3. Did you know that prunes wrapped in bacon are called Devils on Horseback? My mum used to make them at Xmas. Oysters in bacon are Angels on Horseback. Pourquoi?????

  4. love the umbrellas... where else would this happen?

  5. Thank you Margaret! Those are interesting factoids. And you know how much I love a good factoid.