Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Factoids About the French

Everyone knows how much I love me a good factoid. Well, sit down kids, 'cause I found a few about the French. Whether they are true or not remains to be seen, but I found them in a travel book so they should be somewhat accurate.

1) The average French person is 39 years old and will live to be 81 years of age.

2) The French consume one and a half glasses of wine and a pound of fat per day.

3) The average French citizen opens a bottle of champagne every 4 months.

4) The average worker enjoys 5 weeks of vacation each year.

5) A dog is a part of 1 in 3 French families.


  1. I'm trying hard to eat a pound of fat a day but it's hard!

  2. I think I'm right on track in consuming a pound of fat per day. And my wine consumption is well above the French average!

  3. Le petite chien et tres cute. (My vocab is a little limited...what is cute en francais?)

  4. I like the champagne part! Come to think of it... I have a bottle in the fridge.. is 11:00 am too early for sipping?

  5. Dear Anon,
    Of course 11:00am is not to early to be sipping champagne! Bien sur,
    Joe and I sip a sweet Monbazillac wine every morning with breakfast!