Saturday, August 2, 2014

This Spanish Family

Our beautiful home exchange family

Joe and I arrived in Spain two weeks before our home exchange was to begin.  We like to squeeze as many weeks out of a vacation as we can.

After our week in Madrid, Cordoba and Sevilla we were invited by our home exchange family to spend the weekend with them.  How could we say no to that?  We immediately accepted their kind and generous offer.

They picked us up at the Granada train station and there were hugs and kisses all around.

We found out there was to be a barbecue later that evening with many of their friends and family in attendance.  Yahoo!  I love parties!

But first there were preparations to be made!  I offered to help in the kitchen.  Not my strong suit I'll grant you, but I do like to help out.

Who said I can't cook?

Los madres.

I can't believe these are going to be our digs for the month of August!

Joe likes to help out too.

New friends.

More new friends.

People have sent me messages asking how do we manage not understanding anything people are saying.  It's not bad!  Spanish is a beautiful language to the ear and we just let the music of it float over us.  We've discovered that it is quite freeing not understanding everything that is being said.

And when we do 'talk' to one another, we smile and laugh a lot.  And use big hand and arm gestures.  And I probably contort my face a lot.  In fact, I know I do.

The next morning they took us out for breakfast.  People!  Churros and chocolate.  BEST BREAKFAST EVER!  Drinking this chocolate is like velvet and heaven and richness sliding down your throat.  Dunk a churro into it and magic happens.

 Amazing chocolate.

 A mountain of churros.

The best food combo in the world.

After breakfast we drove out into the Andalusian countryside to a relative's cottage for lunch.  Lunch?  Didn't we just have breakfast?

 Abuela stirring the paella.

 Joe getting a jamon slicing lesson.

 Like a boss.


 This amazing meal went on for three hours.

 Eating, eating and more eating.

 Joe fell into a deep food coma shortly after lunch was finished.

We walked back out to the car to drive home for a much needed siesta.

Thank goodness we had a three hour snooze in the afternoon because we'd been invited to attend their eldest daughter's graduation party from pharmacy school later that evening.

A happy family.

The next morning they drove us to their condo on the Costa Tropical in Salobreña.  They offered to let us stay there for our second week in Spain!  See what I mean when I say they are generous?

Back seat selfie.

Thank you Lopez family.  The kindness you have shown to Joe and I will never be forgotten.  We will always remember the weekend we spent with you in La Zubia.  Thank you for choosing us to exchange homes with!

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