Thursday, August 7, 2014

Salobreña - Our Own 'Club Med'

After enjoying a fun-filled, whirlwind weekend with the Lopez family, they generously offered us the use of their condo in Salobreña; a beach town on the Mediterranean Sea.  Would we like to spend a week there?

They didn't have to ask us twice!  We immediately said YES!

The old town of Salobreña with the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the background.

Our digs for the week.

Our week was simply glorious.  Every day was spent the same way.  Our schedule was quite grueling.  Walking, laying on the beach, eating, drinking, napping, swimming and more walking.

We got up early every morning and headed toward the beach to join the other joggers and walkers.  The beach is a very quiet place in the morning.  We walked at least 10 kilometres every day.

Early morning Salobreña.

Joe couldn't resist eating churros and chocolate for breakfast.

Early morning fisherman.

We'd stop and watch a rousing game of petanque along the way.

Our morning walk took us up the hill into the old part of town.

Hiking up these hills was a workout!

The views were spectacular from up there!

Flowers were everywhere.

Hiking up and down all those hills in the heat built up quite a thirst!  So we had no choice but to stop at a bar for a beer.

10:30am beer.

After our walk it was time for some serious sun-bathing and swimming at the beach!

A busy Sunday in Salobreña.

We learned to read the flags that are dotted all along the boardwalk.  Green is for calm seas, yellow is for caution and red is for GO IN AT YOUR OWN RISK!

While it may look like I was drowning, I wasn't.

Bagging some rays.

The Mediterranean is fun for everyone!

Mrs. McGillicuddy enjoying the sun and surf.

At 2:00pm, like clockwork, the beach began to empty.  Everyone packed up and headed home for lunch and a siesta.  We were no exception to this rule.  Many people left their chairs, towels and umbrellas on the sand seeing as they'd be returning in a few hours.

Siesta time!

Looks like someone got a little too much sun!  And this happened while wearing sunscreen and staying under the umbrella.

Lunch at home.

After our nap, it was time for happy hour!

Tinto Verano.  1.5 litres for a few cents.  My newest favorite drink on a hot day.  Over ice and with a big squish of lemon.  HEAVEN!

And who can resist ham flavoured potato chips?  Certainly not me!

Gin and tonic is a very popular drink in Spain.  It's very popular with us too!

Then it was down to the pool for a swim and a little more sunning.   Back up to the apartment to shower and change before we hurried to the beach to catch the sunset.

Everyone eked out the last few minutes of sunshine on the beach.

But the day was not over yet!  It was time for 'paseo', an arm-in-arm stroll along the boardwalk with the throngs of other strollers.  And I mean throngs!

After all that strolling we were ready for dinner.  Which usually was at a restaurant and always included fish.  And never before 10:00pm.

Fire roasted sardines.

As we walked back to the apartment after dinner, bouncy castles were in full swing along the beach.  They were full of squealing children.

Midnight fun.

Our week passed far too quickly.  It was time for the Lopez' to fly to Canada to spend the month of August in our home.  They arrived in Salobreña in the early morning for Joe to drive them to the airport in Malaga.  I got emotional saying good-bye to each of them.  My hope is that we see each other again.

New friends.

Adios, Salobreña!  Hasta luego.

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