Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Before we leave for Canada on Friday, we decided to go down to the beach and take one last kick at Salobreña's can.  We spent three lovely days in that little Mediterranean town.  We are so grateful to our home exchange family for letting us use their beach condo ( THREE TIMES!) as part of the deal.

On Monday we took a drive to another beach town down the coast, Nerja.  It was gorgeous!  I just may have discovered where I am going to retire.

Good morning Nerja!

 The Balcony of Europe.

The Balcony of Europe.

After our standard breakfast of beer and jamon, we wandered around the old town before heading to the beaches.  Every second shop had the owner's dog sitting in the doorway.  It was so ADORABLE!

This gentleman was selling fruits and vegetables from his living room which opened directly onto the street.  We bought a basket of blackberries and asked to snap a quick photo before we went on our way.

Direct marketing.

Nerja is blessed with a multitude of beaches along its coastline.  Every cove is filled with sun worshippers and swimmers.

Playa Calahonda.

Playa Carabeo.

Playa Carabeíllo.

Our destination: Playa Burriana.

Mediterranean lifeguard.

Everyone loves the beach.

We didn't bring our swimsuits with us so Joe jumped in the sea wearing his gonchies.

They take their paella seriously around here.

Beach lovers.

Before we left Nerja, we visited the cave just north of town.  The 'Cueva de Nerja' was eerie and spooky and altogether SPECTACULAR!  Mother Nature is one amazing woman.  

There is no WiFi at the condo in Salobreña, but there is at the beach!  Technology continues to blow my mind.

Joe checks facebook while sitting on the beach in Salobreña.

Before we left Salobreña for the final time, we stopped in at our favourite roasted chicken joint, El AS del Pollo, to say good-bye to the proprietor.  We bought many, many meals from this lady over the past 3 visits.  She is an excellent cook and funny as hell.

This woman was so interesting!  She was born in Italy, raised in Brazil, is a criminal lawyer by trade, lived for a while in Germany and France, lived in England for 28 years where she met and married her husband and they retired to Salobreña where they run a restaurant.

And before we knew it, it was time to leave.  A HUGE thank you to our home exchange family for letting us stay in their lovely condo.  We really appreciate your generosity.

Hasta luego Salobreña!  Until next time.  (Fingers crossed.)

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