Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Forty-Eight Hours of Fun

Four of Molly's best friends came to stay with us for a couple of nights in La Zubia this week.  Molly had originally planned to be travelling through Spain with them, but landed a librarian position in Toronto and had to bow out of the trip.

We were very sad that Molly wasn't visiting us along with her friends, but were happy the girls still wanted to come and stay with us!  I mean really, what other kids would want to spend two days with their friends' parents?  It was the nicest compliment.

These girls are the best kind of people.  They are smart and funny and kind and helpful and sweet and thoughtful.  Like I said.  The best kind of people.

We played in the pool.

The pool feels so good after spending a day in the hot Spanish sun. 

Beach babes.

 Hand feeding potato chips to hungry swimmers.

It felt like a combination of feeding baby birds or handing out communion wafers to the faithful.

 Jumping in a pool has never been so much fun.

I love these beauties.

We took all of our meals on the patio.

The food tastes so good in this country.

We 'skyped' with Molly late one night.

 "Hi, Molly!"

 BFF love.

This is all so 'George Jetson' to me I can barely grasp it.

We also skyped with another one of their best friends whom they met 11 years ago when she was an international high school student from Germany studying in Squamish.  She is now living and working in Strasbourg, France.  I cried when we bid each other adieu.

Julia and her cat Chester.

We suggested the girls see Alhambra while they were in Granada.

So excited to be going to Alhambra!

But first we had to stop for chocolate y churros!  (I had a beer.)

 As our visit came to a close, we took the obligatory family self-timer photo.

And of course we took a silly one for good measure.

All too soon it was time to say good-bye.  We crammed the six of us and the girls' luggage into the car and made our way to the bus depot.

I was sad to see these girls go.  It is going to be boring without them.

Adios, amigas!

Safe travels Danelle, Maytal, Julia and Robin!  Thank you for visiting and bringing us your laughter and joie de vivre.  

I miss you already.  

(And yes, if you must know, I cried when I hugged and kissed each of them good-bye.)

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