Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mi Niño

The day after we returned to Spain from Morocco our baby boy came to visit us!  After a long month of backpacking around Europe, Will and his friend Hunter came to stay with us for a week in La Zubia.  They arrived tired and hungry and happy.

So glad to see these guys!

Thank goodness the boys were exhausted.  They were totally content to laze about by the pool, nap and rest.

We were grateful for that because Rick Steves was right!  EXPECT DIARRHEA WHEN TRAVELLING IN MOROCCO!  Both Joe and I got it bad 48 hours after leaving the country.  I was sick for three days and three very long nights.  (I'm okay now!)

The following photos pretty much capture what we did for the entire week.  Not too much variety in our days.  Like I said, there was lots of resting, swimming, napping, sleeping, eating and drinking.

 Chocolate and churros for breakfast in Granada.

 Lazin' poolside.

 Family fun in the pool.

 Breakfast at home.

Strolling the streets of Granada.

We took the boys down to the beach in Salobreña for a couple of nights.

 It was foggy the first day.  That was a bit of a bummer.


 Lunch at the apartment.

 Loving the Mediterranean.

 Such cute kids in their 'Hello Kitty' towels.

 Mother and child.

Full moon over Salobreña.

Even though we didn't do too much, our week went by very quickly.  The next thing we knew we were taking the boys to the train station for the next leg of their journey.

Off to Portugal!

Thanks Will and Hunter for coming to see us.  We had a great time with you.  Even if a couple of those days were spent on a toilet.

I miss you guys already.

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