Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Photos From Ireland

Here are sixteen random photos from the past couple of days...

All the small roads on the west coast of Ireland are lined with miles and miles of wild fuchsia hedges.

What the heck?  Since when did Tim Horton's arrive in Ireland?

Making friends wherever he goes...

Photo shoot in Spiddal, County Galway.

When I ordered the ham hock for lunch I never expected it to be the entire HAM HOCK!

These intrepid swimmers took on the frigid waters of the North Atlantic Ocean in Spiddal Harbour and shrieked, "IT'S COLD! IT'S COLD!" the entire time they were in the water.  No kidding, girls!  Brave, brave souls.

The sun is out in Ireland!  And I forgot my sunglasses.  Good thing I like to squint.

"When Irish skies are smiling."

Harvesting peat.

Our morning coffee at Freeney's bar, part of the Ireland Whiskey Trail.  Except Joe's coffee happens to be whiskey.

Only in Galway do they incorporate a section of the city's 12 century wall and tower into their indoor shopping centre.

Galway Harbour 

When I get home, I'm painting my front door red.

"On the road."

'Pork on a Spit' in the streets of Galway.  You KNOW Joe's intrigued.

I could wander around and listen to buskers all day.  Hey, wait!  That's exactly what I did yesterday.

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