Saturday, July 11, 2015

Maigh Cuillinn to Kylemore Abbey

It has been raining ever since we got here two days ago.  Oh, it stops for a bit.  But Mother Nature is only teasing us because the rain starts up again in earnest as soon as the last drop falls.

We were hopeful last night because a rainbow greeted us as we pulled up the drive.

We were sure the weather was going to be good today.  And it was.  Until about 6:00am.  Then the dark grey clouds blew in, the rain pelted sideways and we were in for it for the rest of the day.

As west coasters ourselves, we told each other a little rain was not going to stand in the way of our seeing this beautiful isle.  So Joe planned a driving route for a small portion of the Wild Atlantic Way and we were off!

Man, it rained!  I swear the clouds were a scant few inches off the ground.  Saying that the roads are narrow in Connemara doesn't even begin to describe how tight things can get.  And the speed limit is 100 kms per hour in most parts!  Needless to say we were leaders of the parade for most of the day.

 Hang on Harvey!  It is a tad windy out there.

 On the beach in Barna.

Since we got lost for a bit and drove the same loop of road twice (from different directions) we decided to forego the entire route and make Kylemore Abbey our destination for the day.  The landscape was rugged, raw and beautiful.  Many times I wanted Joe to stop so I could take photos but there was nowhere to pull off.  And besides, we had a train of cars behind us all wanting to go at breakneck speed.  We saw ocean, lakes, sheep, peat bogs and miles and miles of drystone walls as we scurried over hill and dale.

Kylemore Abbey

 We met this young couple on their way out the door of Kylemore Abbey.  They were laughing as they put on garbage bags to wear as rain gear.  This will give you an idea as to how hard it rained today.

 Gothic church at Kylemore Abbey

 A river runs through it.

The Connemara Giant

Late in the afternoon, as we headed for home, the sun came out and dried up all the rain.  We decided to stop for a beer and a snack in Oughterard.  What a great way to end a wonderful day.

Best charcuterie board in the west of Ireland.

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