Saturday, July 25, 2015

Dingle, County Kerry

Dingle Peninsula

When we left Agnes' B&B in Limerick she told us the best way to get to Dingle.  "Take Conor Pass and go down into Dingle that way."  We gladly took her advice and it was a gorgeous drive.  Although it is not for the faint of heart.  The winding roads are just wide enough for one car, never mind two.  There were many times I couldn't look when another car was approaching.

The beauty of this island makes my heart ache.  The sight of these incredible coastlines makes me stop and stare with my mouth hanging open.  I have gasped so many times my throat is sore.  

 I can't get over how quickly the weather changes in Ireland.  Especially in the mountains.  One minute your view looks like this...

 ...and the next it looks like this!

 The twisting road is so narrow that you can't see around the next bend.  And if a car is coming towards you, good luck!

 Descending Conor Pass into Dingle.

 Dingle Peninsula

 Dingle Peninsula

 Dingle Peninsula

 Dingle Peninsula

Seeing all that beauty made us thirsty!  So after dinner we headed to Dick Mack's, a pub with old world charm.  And raucous charm at that. 

In the old days, Dick Mack made shoes and belts here in addition to running a bar.

 We sat in the 'snug' with our new friend Johnny and his wife Judith (taking the picture) who were visiting from Cork.

 Joe was livin' it up with the locals.  Good grief, these guys were fun.

 Early morning view of Dingle Bay from our guest house.

 Why can't we get porridge like this in Canada?  With brown sugar, cream AND Drambuie.  Now THAT'S what I call breakfast!

 Downtown Dingle

After breakfast, we packed our bags and reluctantly said good-bye to Dingle.  What a great 24 hours we spent there!  We are already talking about when we're coming back.

Next stop: Port Magee and Skellig Michael!

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