Friday, July 31, 2015

In Dublin's Fair City

Our final two days in Ireland were spent in Dublin; a city I've been to once before.  We didn't feel the pressure to do any sightseeing but I did want to take Joe to see the Long Room of the Old Library in Trinity College.

 My favourite room in the whole wide world.

 Pretty much...

 We went to see the musical 'Once' last night.  Before the show started, the audience was welcome to go onto the stage for a drink.  And 15 minute before showtime, the actors/musicians all came on the stage to perform a few ditties for us!

 I'm on it!

Things are always happening in the Temple Bar district of Dublin!

One of the great pleasures of exchanging homes is meeting the nice folks who lived in your house while you lived in theirs.  We met our new Irish friends Haulie and Ann for coffee this morning at the Dublin airport.  Lovely, lovely people.  We hope to meet again.

Our final pint and plate o' bacon and cabbage in Ireland.

We have spent over three weeks in Ireland.  Each day was an adventure and it didn't really matter if the sun shone or not.  We saw incredible beauty at every bend in the road.  The people, the scenery, the stout, the food and the history all exceeded our expectations.  We will be back. 

Thanks, Ireland!  You were grand.

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