Sunday, February 25, 2018

Udaipur, Venice of the East

Udaipur is known as the 'Venice of the East', the 'City of Lakes' and the 'Kashmir of Rajasthan' for good reason.  The city is almost 500 years old and surrounds five beautiful lakes.

The incredible city of Udaipur.

A nice lunch spot on Lake Pichola.

 Laundry in the lane.

Laundry at the lake.

Udaipur street art.

Lal Ghat.

I can see why it's called the 'Venice of the East'.

Whenever I walked past this woman, she would pat the stone seat beside her and say, "Sit. Sit."  I'd sit, she'd smile, we'd have a quick conversation in our respective languages, then hug and say good-bye.

City Palace.

Treed courtyard in the City Palace.

The King's love nest in the City Palace.

Every time we'd pass this guy he'd start singing 'Frere Jacques' in a big booming voice.

You can find cows pretty much everywhere in this country.

Udaipur is a beautiful city, rich in history and of course lovely people.

Next stop...Pushkar!

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