Friday, February 23, 2018


We left the town of Bundi and climbed aboard a local train bound for Bijapur.  We sat with a young family and enjoyed our morning with them.  The father spoke English quite well and was interested to know where we were from.  Everyone is excited when they hear the word Canada.  "Very cold!"  "So far away!" they say.

Mops and Pops on the train to Bijapur.

We bought some snacks to tide us over on our train journey.  When I had finished eating, I began to crumple up the newspaper with the remaining crispy bits inside.  With a smile, the father of the family motioned for me to give him the balled up newspaper.  I handed it to him and he unceremoniously threw it out the window!  LOL.

A young one watching the world go by.

An old one watching the world go by.

How many people can you fit in a tuk-tuk?  LOTS!

16th century Castle Bijaipur.  Our home for the night.

The castle grounds were kept beautifully.

Flowers were everywhere.

Castle Bijaipur.

Some of our tour group did yoga here one morning.

Chillin' by the pool. (Photo credit: Nataša Vukoman)

The owner's grandson in the castle's garden.

I loved the village walks.  Everyone smiles and says hello.  Everybody wanted their photo taken.

Indian women can carry anything on their heads.

Even the cows pose for photos.

Opium poppy fields.

Shhhhh...someone's sleeping.

This young mother shyly asked me for a photograph.

Dried cow patties are a major source of fuel.


A teacher with her students.

Many of you know how much I love sleeping outdoors.  It is my favourite place to catch some shut-eye.  Imagine my delight when I learned we were going 'glamping' at Pangarh Lake Resort.  
(Photo credit: Nataša Vukoman) 


Wheat fields surrounded Pangarh Lake.

No matter where we are in India, the minute we step out onto any road, the village children come running.  "Photo!  Photo!" they call.

I took a bunch of photos and showed them.  Who doesn't like looking at images of themselves? 
(Photo Credit: Alexander Bons.)

Our evening stroll also included a herd of goats.

Not only was this woman a goatherd, but she was also carrying a huge bundle of saplings on her head while holding a kid.  And then she stopped and kindly let me take a photo of her!

Sunrise on Pangarh Lake.  I swear, India has the best sunrises and sunsets.

A pretty nice place to wait for breakfast to be served.

Our two nights in Bijapur passed all too quickly.

On our final morning, we jumped into taxis and roared off in the direction of Udaipur.  This city is often called 'The Venice of India'.  Can't wait!

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