Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Nova Scotia's South Shore

I cannot believe we've been travelling for 6 weeks now!

We have been exploring the 'South Shore' for the past couple of days and are currently in Lunenburg. We get to enjoy one more night here, two in Halifax, then we wing our way home on Saturday morning.

The south shore of Nova Scotia is beautiful.  Brightly coloured buildings, quaint towns, gorgeous coastlines and over-the-top friendly people.

Here are a few more photos of this charming province...

The mornings can be very foggy in this part of the world.

Shelburne, Nova Scotia

Dock jumping in Shelburne.

We stayed at the 'Amber Rose' in Mahone Bay.  The B&Bs in this province are downright adorable.

The old cemeteries in Nova Scotia are beautiful.

The three churches on Mahone Bay.

It was tempting to peek over the edge.

'The Ovens' are a series of ocean caves on Cunard Cove.

This concrete stairway down to Cannon Cave was poured by three workmen in the 1960s; mixing and hauling 2,000 buckets of cement, all by hand.

Flowers and cottages.  Cottages and flowers.  Everywhere.

Visual artists abound in Nova Scotia.  Painters, ceramicists, quilters, sculptors, photographers.  They're all here. 

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

Sailing ship.

Dory shop.

Lunenburg Harbour.

Lunenburg.  UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Colourful stoop.

Colourful buildings.

Lunenburg harbour.

Dories in the harbour.

Lunenburg again.

Next stop, Halifax!

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