Monday, August 17, 2015

Acadien Postcard

We are leaving Acadia this morning.  We are heading down to the south shore of Nova Scotia to explore Mahone Bay, Lunenburg and Halifax before winging our way to Vancouver on Saturday.

 The lily pond at sunset.

 Surfing and stand-up paddle boarding in the fog at Mavillette Beach.

 There is music everywhere you go in Clare.  Everywhere.  Such talented people in this part of the world.

 A 100 year old whale bone in the Petit Bois.

 St. Mary's steeple in Church Point can been seen for miles around.

 My hat is off to these intrepid dandelions for being able to grow anywhere!

 You KNOW you're in rural Canada when the post office is located in someone's house.

 A roadside shell shop.

 Still life in Clare.

 Monsieur LeBlanc's barn.

Acadian pride.

A final sunset.

We have met some exceptional people here in Clare.  They have been friendly beyond measure. We will miss them and their incredible hospitality.

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