Thursday, August 27, 2015

Home Again, Home Again

As many of you know, returning home from a fantastic summer vacation is not my strong suit.  I suffer from PTD - Post Travel Depression.  

At first I thought my funk was a severe case of jet lag.  But I never suffer from jet lag until I am home.

We flew from Vancouver to Ireland, an eight hour time difference.  Both Joe and I jumped out of bed the next morning with a spring in our step and never looked back.  

We flew from Dublin to Halifax, a four hour time difference.  We easily took it in stride.

We flew from Halifax to Vancouver, another four hour time difference, and BAM!  We can't keep our eyes open, we're wide awake at 3:50am for days, we can't stop yawning or looking for the next place to lay down.

I think I am just getting over my PTD now that I've been back in Squamish for five days.

But if I have to be somewhere, this somewhere is pretty good.  I mean, seriously, Squamish has to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

The viewing platform of the Sea-To-Sky gondola's Summit Lodge.  Check out the people ascending the mountain on the 'Via Ferrata' on the lower left.

A friend and I did our own version of the 'Squamish Triathlon' this morning.  Yoga, hiking and beer drinking.  I think beer drinking was my strongest event.

 The triathletes.

 Yoga with the one and only Annie Martinello.

 A quick shot of Sky Pilot as we hiked the 'Wonderland Lake Loop Trail'.

We finished strong during our third and final event.

Thanks for such a fun day, Shuna!  It is great to be back home.

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