Sunday, December 15, 2013

Getting A Christmas Tree in 14 Easy Steps

Step 1.  Cram seven adults, one dog and one puppy into a van and drive to some powerlines.

Step 2.  Have some fun on the ice with a puppy.

Step 3.  Discover that all the evergreen trees have been removed from under the power lines.  You have no choice but to venture into the forest on Crown Land.

Step 4.  Get your friend to find the perfect tree for you and have him climb it.

Step 5.  Get your friend to cut the tree down for you.

Step 6.  Walk out of the forest with your tree.

Step 7.  Pose for a group shot.

Step 8.  Walk out of the forest and back to the vehicle.

Step 9.  Cram seven adults, one dog and one puppy back into the van.

Step 10.  Get the tree home and commence drinking rum and egg nog.

Step 11.  Haul out your fifteen boxes of vintage Christmas decorations and wonder if you should get more.

Step 12.  Press your youngest child into service when he comes over for breakfast the next day.

Step 13.  Remember at the last minute that you threw away all your burned-out Christmas tree lights last year.  Send your husband to the store to buy new strands of white lights.  HATE the new LED lights.  They are not white but grey-blue.

Step 14.  Decide to live with the ugly LED lights.  For this year anyway.  

Merry Christmas everyone!

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