Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Fabulous Fall

We have been blessed with the best weather this fall.  Lots of sunny days.  No rain.  We, on the west coast, are not used to things being this dry.  Especially in October and November.

Before the rainy season hits and causes us to forget what a sunny day even looks like, I want to post a few photos that I took at the end of October when we were invited out on a last foray into the forest looking for chanterelle mushrooms.

Headin' in...

We found lots of things on the forest floor besides chanterelles.

Even the trees are magical.

Joe and his prize.

There's a reason Squamish is called the 'Shining Valley'.

And then there's this guy.  This guy who rolled in some seriously rotten salmon carcasses and needed to be swaddled in a sweater before being allowed inside the vehicle.

Our haul for the day.

The mushrooms went from this... this.

I can hardly wait for next autumn's mushroom season.

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