Thursday, March 8, 2018

"Anything Is Possible In India, Ma'am."

Whenever I asked Subhash a question during our travels he always answered, "Anything is possible in India, ma'am."  

And of course he was right.  

Anything and everything is possible in India.

India is a country of contrasts.

It is at once beautiful and chaotic, spiritual and noisy, friendly and polluted, joyful and corrupt and deeply profound.

India exceeded all of my expectations.

Time after time, India broke my heart and sewed it back up again.  She is a master surgeon.

For every picture I had the good fortune to capture, there were thousands of photo opportunities I missed.

Those elusive shots, the ones that got away, will be forever burned into my memory.

There was always something compelling to see in India, both heart-warming and heart-wrenching.

I met the friendliest people of my life in India.

They were hospitable beyond measure.

Whatever they had, they willingly shared.

Try as I might, I cannot adequately describe India.

Words fail.

Photos do not do it justice.

It is a country one must experience for oneself.

I have yet to process all that I have seen, heard and felt.

My month in this country was life-changing.

I cannot wait to return.

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