Sunday, October 16, 2016

Pizza Oven. Finally!

It takes a lot of hardwood to get the fire up to 900 degrees F.

The first sunny Sunday in October.  Before the rains came.  Before the winds came.  After 386 days since breaking ground, Joe fired up the pizza oven for a test run.

Be careful not to singe your arm hairs!

This guy in the middle.  This guy who devoted hundreds of hours helping Joe build his beloved pizza oven for the past year.  He and his wife were the obvious choice to christen the oven.  We are thinking of naming it 'The Bruce'.

The first pizza was a little messy coming off the paddle and onto the oven floor.

"I think I need to work on my technique."

Ahhh...this is more like it.

Happy taste testers.

A satisfied pizzaiolo.

Now we just need some dry weather for Joe to get back outside for Round Two!  Stay tuned...

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