Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Making party posters for the driveway.

As many of my dear readers know, our eldest daughter eloped back in March and married her American boyfriend.  Molly and Jordan flew out to see us during Spring Break and that trip quickly turned into their honeymoon.  

During that visit Joe and I asked if they'd like us to throw them a party to celebrate their marriage.  They said yes.  I asked them if they'd like to invite the east coast people to join us west coast people.  They said yes.

And so the #MoJo party was born.  The date was set for August 20th.

We quickly sent out invitations to their friends and to close relatives of each family.  The responses started to pour in as soon as the invitations were sent.  We were expecting 70 people to grace our backyard come summer.  We could hardly wait!

As the date quickly approached, we also began to receive offers of help from all corners.  I accepted any help I could get.  Jordan, his siblings, Molly, her siblings and a few friends congregated at our house two days before the reception.  I put them to work right away.  There was no job too small or too large for these fine folks.  Mowing fields, stringing lights, delivering tables and chairs, hauling crates of plates and glasses.  I had a 'to do' list that was three pages long.  You name it, they did it.

I cannot thank these fine people enough for all they did for us.

Squamish was the hot spot in Canada for several days leading up to the party.  The temperatures hovered between 37 C and 39 C.  A hose is always a good way to cool off.


Team work.

Lunch in the shade.

Getting the back field ready for tenters.

Stringing lights.

For the past 10 months Joe has had a pallet of patio stones sitting in our driveway.  I have wanted the stones moved since they arrived.  A work crew was paving our street and I asked one of the guys if he'd move the pallet for me.  He happily obliged, hopped into his bobcat and pushed the pallet of stones into our garage.  I ran into the house, grabbed him half a dozen beers and with a wave he was off.  Oh, the kindness of strangers. 
The Akselrad kids frolicking in our friends' pool.

Thank you Scott family for letting us cool off in your pool.  It was much appreciated.

Family reunion!

Once the work was done, we had a wee celebration the night before the backyard reception.  We got to relax for a bit and meet some of the Boston contingent.

Molly and Barkie.

Larry and Jami.

Evan, Maytal, Robin and Paige.

Janet and Casper.

 Harper, Maytal and Robin.

Big Daddy Joe.

Mike and Neil.

Boston buddies.

Maytal, Jordan and Robin.

Corey and Neil.

Four in a row.

One more dip in the Scott's pool before the big day.  Here's Adam showing off his mad diving skills.

Brotherly love.

"Islands in the stream..."

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Molly, Jordan, Robin, Janet, Maytal, Evan, Jami, Paige, William, Adam and Harper for helping Joe and I make this one of the best parties we've ever thrown.  I adore each and every one of you.  Thank you all.

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