Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Oh, Baby!

One of the baby shower activities was to write inspirational or motivational messages on baby diapers for the new parents to read during those 3:00am diaper changes.

Girlfriends threw a joint baby shower for Molly and one of her best friends Danielle last week.  This group of women are some of the finest people I know.  Smart, fun and fun-loving.  Beautiful inside and out.  Generous, warm and loving.

Re-enacting their high school prom photo 11 years later.

I have been told by countless people how much I am going to enjoy grandparenthood.  I cannot wait.  It is quite something to see my first baby expecting her first baby.  

I was extremely emotional when I walked through the door and first laid eyes on Molly.  I hadn't seen her in five months.  We fell into each others' arms and sobbed.  It really hit home just how far away Toronto and Boston are from Squamish.  

This trip will be the only time I see Molly with her baby bump.  She is radiant and beautiful and healthy.  The next time I see her she will be a mother.  Unbelievable.

There was food, there were gifts, there were crafts.  But the best part?  THERE WERE GAMES!  My favourite!

The tried and true 'ring' method of finding out the baby's sex.  The mother's wedding ring is dangled on a chain over her belly.  The way the ring sways is the determining factor.  The ring foretold that Molly's baby is a boy.



A wool baby blanket I brought back from Sweden for my sweet grandbaby JJ.

Very happy and excited aunties-to-be.

I taught this little angel when she was in kindergarten.

Let the games begin!  The games master, Julia, explained the first race.  Egg babies had to be carried on a spoon through an obstacle course.  The 'parent' had her eyes closed and was guided by her team members.

"Where do I go now?"

Bobbing for soothers.

The 'diapering-with-toilet-paper' relay race.

Not as easy as it looks.

Marie was overcome with emotion while playing this game.

This team had a wee bit o' trouble with their diapering method.

The gang's all here.

Nine of the most beautiful souls to walk the planet.

My mom, who has been in the hospital twice this summer, was not well enough to attend the shower.  So we took the party to her afterwards on our way home to Squamish.

Thank you girls for organizing and hosting this party.  It was the best baby shower I've ever been to.  So much love.  So much fun.  You are an incredible bunch of women who have forged remarkable friendships with each other.  I adore you all.

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