Monday, July 18, 2016

Stunning Stockholm

Stortoget - The Big Square

Stockholm is a beautiful city.  It sits on 14 islands surrounded by the navy blue Baltic Sea connected by 57 bridges.  We have walked around it a fair bit since landing in Sweden.

Stockholm waterfront.

Some swanky digs on Strandvagen.

One of the things we are coming to terms with is the high cost of living in Sweden.  For example, this cup of coffee and pastry cost $25.00 Cdn.  Our dollar does not go very far here.  Hence, we are eating in A LOT!

More Stockholm waterfront.

Ever the foodie, Joe (and I) went in search of tunnbrödsrulle: sausage, mashed potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes, shrimp salad, pickled carrots, fried and raw onions wrapped in Swedish flatbread.  Of course we had to search out the best of the best.  This kiosk is in Södermalm, the hipster neighbourhood of Stockholm.  I have never seen so many beards or man-buns in my life!

It was delicious!

I love doors, knockers, windows, sashes and anything else that decorates the outside of a medieval building.

City patio.

Pretty sweet spot for soccer practice.

Nordic Museum - outside

Nordic Museum - inside

Stockholm waterfront yet again.

I told Joe that putting mustard on his hot dog looked like he was milking a cow.

Selfies on the sea.

Even more Stockholm waterfront.

Is it just me?  Or does the corner of this building look like it is touching its nose with its tongue?

Foraging trumpeter swan.

Gamla Stan - Old Town

There are 57 bridges in Stockholm.  This is under one of them.

A sculpture outside the Prime Minister's office called 'Rag And Bone, The Homeless Fox'.

Seagull in a park.

The narrowest street in Gamla Stan.  Legend has it if you touch the walls the entire way down the stairs and make a wish at the end, your wish will come true.

Swedish author, artist, composer and singer Evert Taube - Iron Square

Gorgeous views everywhere you look!

This wee statue 'Little Boy Who Looks At The Moon' is only 15 centimetres high.  People leave him gifts every day.  In the winter they put knitted caps on his head, in the rain they wrap him in plastic.  The money left is donated to charity.

It is said if you rub Iron Boy's head, your wishes will come true.

The weather changes very quickly in Stockholm.  Ominous looking clouds rolled in over Saint George and The Dragon.

A storm is coming.

We made it back to the apartment just in the nick of time!

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