Friday, July 8, 2016

An Incredibly Warm Swedish Welcome

Our home exchange family Lovisa, Elisabeth and Mats

We made it to Stockholm!  Mats and Elisabeth picked us up from the airport and Mats said, "It feels as if we've always known you."  It sure does, Mats.

Night falls on Hudson Bay

We were greeted with a champagne toast at their apartment followed by a delicious supper of fish soup, bread and ice cream topped with Swedish strawberries for dessert.

Joe will get his first taste of Surströmming (fermented herring) tomorrow.  HE CAN'T WAIT!

Did we mention their apartment is on a lake just outside of Stockholm?

After dinner we went for a little stroll around their neighbourhood.  I'm gonna like it here.

Mats and Elisabeth go swimming in the lake every morning.  I think Joe and I will continue this tradition while we're here.

After being awake for 31 hours and travelling for over 20 of them, this guy is plum tuckered out.  Maybe I'll just leave him here to sleep for the night.

Tomorrow we are heading out to Mats and Elisabeth's cottage on the Baltic Sea.  That's where we'll be spending the weekend.  Once again, WE HAVE HIT THE HOME EXCHANGE LOTTERY!

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