Saturday, June 28, 2014

Happiness In Six Things

The past two weeks have been rough.  Really rough.  Being on strike and at major odds with one's employer is never fun.  It is emotionally draining.  Thank goodness for my wonderful colleagues who kept my spirits buoyed!  And the public's support was a balm on my weary soul.

Today marks the first day of my summer holidays!  Yippee!  To celebrate this auspicious occasion, I decided to look for six things that make me happy.  And here are my findings....


This guy.  This guy always make me happy.  He is about to embark on a lengthy backpacking trip around Europe.  And the best part is that he's going to meet up with Joe and I in August to spend time with us in Spain.


Hanging out with these guys also makes me happy.  These characters are always good for a belly laugh or two.  Or ten.


The Sea-to-Sky Gondola never ceases to make me smile.


My roses always give me joy.

And to think I was considering chopping this rambling rose down!

I love nothing more than to cut a large bouquet of roses to either bring inside the house or give to a friend.


Celebrating a milestone birthday with this beauty.


Watching my cat sunbathe on her back while lying on the couch. 

What makes you happy?

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