Sunday, June 22, 2014

Diner en Blanc x 3

It was a beautiful evening last night.

A perfect night for our third 'Diner en Blanc'.  We gathered some friends and led them on a goose chase through the streets of Brackendale to a secret location where we would spend the evening eating, drinking and making merry.

The venue could not have been more stunning.  Swaths of lawn, gnarled apple trees, a pond, a fire pit and towering fir trees with the Tantalus Mountains serving as the backdrop.

A gorgeous setting for our Diner en Blanc...

...provided by our gracious hosts.

There were smiles...

...and tablecloth mishaps involving fire.

There was laughing...

...and balloons for everyone.

There were sparklers...

...and food for sharing.

There was eating...

...and sitting around the fire.

But most importantly, there was friendship.

Thank you everyone for making our third annual Diner en Blanc so successful.  It was another great night of making memories.

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