Sunday, March 30, 2014

Why Finish One Project When You Can Start Another?

You may remember, dear readers, that Joe and I started a New Year's Resolution project at the beginning of January.  Seeing as Joe has a serious case of FBA (Food Buying Addiction) he promised not to buy any more food until we went through the mounds of meat, pasta, rice and canned goods we already had in the house.

Sadly, Joe's interest in that project has begun to wane.  We have hit a plateau, people.  I swear we even have MORE food in the house than we did at the beginning of the year.  Joe begs to differ, but see for yourself.  Here's one example:

Pantry cupboard ~ January 10th

Pantry cupboard ~ March 30th

The good news is we are making our way through our gargantuan meat supply.  Joe hasn't visited his butchers in months.  And he has cooked up some pretty delicious meals with all that flesh from our freezer.

An amazing prime rib roast.  Shield your eyes, my vegetarian friends!

Roasted duck breast on a bed of mushrooms and onions with mashed potatoes and salad.

"Why is Joe's interest waning?" you may ask.  Well, for one, the FBA project was never his idea in the first place.  And two, he is now hell bent on building himself an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven.

He fell in love with these ovens and the pizza they produced when we were in Naples with our kids a few years ago.  We ate pizza every single day.  And sometimes twice a day.  We couldn't help ourselves.  Neapolitan pizzas are that good.  

So.  A couple of days ago, Joe heard chainsaws going in our back field.  He went out to see what was going on and lo and behold!  The district was cutting down three maple trees.  Just the hard wood he needs for the oven he doesn't yet have!

The next thing I knew, Joe was hauling logs of maple wood into our backyard.  He was as giddy as a school boy!

"Aren't you kinda putting the horse before the cart?" I asked him.  (Me, who is still invested in our original project of getting the excess food outta this house once and for all.)

"Nope!" he replied.  "This is perfect!"

One tree down, two to go.

Nuthin' tastes better than a cheap beer at 10:00am.

Happy boy.

And in other breaking news....

Spring has finally sprung around here.

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