Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cupboard Suppers

Now that the Sochi Winter Olympic Games are over, we can return to our regular programming.

Many readers have been clamouring (CLAMOURING I tell you!) for an update on our 'Joe-Can't-Buy-Any-More-Food-Until-We-First-Eat-Everything-In-Our-Cupboards-And-Freezer' project.

Just to bring everyone up to speed:  Joe can buy milk, yogurt, eggs, cheese, fresh fruit and vegetables.  And wine for me, of course.  But that's it.  No more shopping for meat, canned goods, rice or pasta.

This project has been in full swing for two months now and I swear our cupboards are as full as they were on January 1st.

Anyhoo, the meals are still damn good.  I thought they'd be weird by now.  You know.  Sardines with chocolate sauce.  Duck legs in raisin bran.  But nope!  Joe is still able to pull some pretty great dinners out of our cupboards and freezer.

 Pork tacos and coleslaw

 A yakisoba-inspired noodle dish

 A blast from the past: Salmon loaf with dill sauce

 Breakfast for supper: pancakes with blueberry sauce

 Breaded pork cutlets, kale slaw, spatzle and root vegetables

 Rigatoni in meat sauce


Asparagus omelet

This project could take months to complete.  It sure is going to take us one hell of a long time to consume all the food that currently resides in all the corners of this house.

In addition to being a great cook, Joe also bakes a mean loaf of bread.  We have not bought bread from a store in ages.  And why would we when this crusty loaf of deliciousness magically appears on our counter every few days?

Pain de campagne

Joe's latest obsession is pizza.  We fell in love with the pizza in Naples, Italy when we were there in 2010 and Joe is determined to recreate it.  He is lobbying for an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven, but until that happens he must be content to cook his Napoletana pizzas in our indoor oven.

Giuseppe hard at work

The finished product: pizza margherita

And in other breaking news:

It is snowing like crazy here.

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