Monday, January 20, 2014

Baked Beans And Other Food Updates

OMG you guys!  We are having so much fun with Joe's cook-and-eat-only-the-food-in-the-house-before-you-even-think-of-buying-any-more challenge!

As many of you know, I posted a slew of photos on Friday night of Joe's food caches around our house.

Well, our friend Randy scoured those photos, noticing every food item in each cupboard and drawer.  He posted this comment on Facebook "BTW, let me know when he dusts off the bean pot, as they are my favourite!"

Joe needed no further encouragement!  Off came the bean pot from the laundry room shelf.  Navy beans went into a bowl to soak overnight.  Smoked pork jowls saw the light of day after spending a few years buried in the bottom of the freezer.

And wouldn't you know it?  Joe had every item needed to make baked beans!  Except one.  Molasses.

I invited Randy and his beautiful wife to join us for dinner the next night to watch the football game.  But there was a catch.  I asked if Joe could borrow 1/3 of a cup of molasses.  Before I could hang up the phone, Randy was at our front door with a brand new container of molasses!

Dinner was delicious as we all knew it would be.  Joe rounded out the meal with potatoes 'Dauphinoise' and a cole slaw.  I threw a dessert together.

A happy customer

What a fun way to spend the evening.  With good friends and good food.


I missed Joe's spice collection when I was documenting his food with photos!  

Joe's other meals this past week have been nothing short of wonderful.  It is amazing what he can put together at a moment's notice while shopping in his own larder.

 Baked cannelloni stuffed with chanterelle mushrooms, ricotta and kale

 Roasted root vegetables

Steak and Guinness pie on mashed potatoes with green salad

And in other breaking news.... witch hazel is blooming.

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