Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Two Weeks Of Bliss

After our family reunion in Ontario, Joe and I flew to Boston to visit our daughter, son-in-law and infant granddaughter.

We spent the week hanging out in their apartment, playing with Josephine, reading countless board books, going for walks to the playground, babysitting on 'date night', eating late dinners cooked by Joe, and touring around beautiful Boston and picturesque New England.

 Baby love.

 Neighbourhood pub.

 Playing with Papa.

 Wild turkeys roam the Jamaica Plain neighbourhood of Boston.

 Jo and Joe.

 Riding the subway like a pro.

 Breakfast picnic on Boston Common.

I have always loved the 1941 story 'Make Way For Ducklings'.  As a child, I was especially enamoured with the swan boats that were pedalled around the pond in the Public Garden.  Imagine my joy when I got to actually ride on a swan boat!  Pure delight.

These swan boats have been in operation since 1877.

Selfie on the swan boat!

We spent a lot of time in this neighbourhood playground.

This playground is full of push cars, tricycles and ride-on toys; all donated by families whose children have outgrown them.  What a great idea!

Boston Public Library.

A walk in the rain.

Someone turned 9 months old!

Josephine and Grandma.

Molly and Jordan live in a 'triple decker' apartment, which are all over the neighbourhoods of Boston.

Learning to wave.

Such a happy girl.

I celebrated my 59th birthday in Boston.

Birthday dinner guests.

The charming east coast.

The wind!  That hair!

The quaint village of Rockport, Massachusetts.

The darling family.

When our week in Boston was over, Molly and Josephine flew back to Vancouver with us as one of Molly's BFFs was getting married.  Jordan joined us a few days later.  A second week with these beauties was the icing on the summer cake!

 Josephine slept for the entire 6 hour flight.

 The very next morning, Molly had us attend the 'Baby And Books' group at the Squamish Public Library.

 Tea in the garden.

Facetime with Dad.

 Hanging with Uncle Will.

A trio of Akselrads.  Jordan's sister, Maytal, flew out for the wedding from London and spent a night with us in Squamish along with her boyfriend Jami.

 Pizza in the garden.

 Josephine went for her first swim in a pool.  She was a natural.  She floated around splashing us all.  And loved every minute of it.

 "Awwww, Mom!  Why did you have to take me out of the pool?  I wasn't finished swimming yet."

Josephine and Auntie Paige.

 Feeding time at the zoo.


 Littlest angel.

 Thank goodness I saved many of my children's classic toys!  They were a hit with this baby.

Goodbyes are tough for us.

No matter how many times I tell myself I won't cry saying good-bye, I always do.  It never gets any easier for me.  In fact, I think it is getting harder!  

Unbridled joy.

Thank you, Josephine, for lighting up my life.  You are pure love and happiness.  I'll see you at the end of October to celebrate your first birthday.  Grandma adores you.

Thank you Molly and Jordan for spending 2 fun-filled weeks with us.  We loved visiting you in Boston and we always love having you home.


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