Monday, March 21, 2016

Lessons Learned While Caregiving

It has now been 11 weeks since Paige shattered her ankle in Vietnam.  Eleven very long weeks.  Paige has come through it with flying colours.  She is on the home stretch now.

I can't believe how hard these past three months were on all three of us.  Joe, Paige and I were a team, to be sure.  But man, it wore us down.  And working full-time through it all made it even more stressful and exhausting.  Not only was Paige's life impacted by her accident, ours was as well.

This experience has humbled me.  

It has made me think of friends, relatives and acquaintances who are caring for their chronically ill spouses, children or parents.  Many are disabled or in wheelchairs for the rest of their lives.  Caring for Paige has made me think of these caregivers, the unsung heroes of the world.  The angels here on earth.  There surely is a place for them in heaven.

Strolling the neighbourhood for a breath of fresh air.

Throughout Paige's ordeal, our cat Daisy has been by her side.

More sunshine, more fresh air.

A backyard break from the TV room.

Visiting with a friend.

Waiting for the anesthesiologist before her second surgery.

"Look, Ma!  No hands!"  Paige can now take a few steps without her crutches.

I am so glad Spring has arrived.  A time for new beginnings.

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