Sunday, November 22, 2015

Progression of a Pizza Oven in Pictures - Part 2

Joe's dream is slowly becoming a reality...

It's been six months since I last wrote about Joe's wood-fired outdoor pizza oven. Now, where were we?  Oh, yes.  I remember.  It was May 2015 and our driveway was piled high with logs.  How could I forget?

Joe thought there's be enough time to begin prepping the ground for his pizza oven before we left for our summer vacation in Ireland.  My response?  "Oh no, my friend.  You've got exactly 3 weeks to get those damn logs bucked up and off of our driveway.  There is no way in hell you are starting that project now.  It can wait until the fall."

Thank God for friends with chainsaws...

...and log-splitters.

Just a small portion of the wood Joe has scavenged for his pizza oven.

Joe returned from our beautiful summer vacation rested and keen to tackle the building of his pizza oven.  Lucky for him he has such a wonderful group of friends who are willing and ready to help.  All Joe has to do is put out the word and his buddies (especially Bruce) come running with tools in hand.

Digging out the sod.

Back filling with sand.

Building the foundation frame.

Cutting the rebar.

Concrete delivery!

Wheelbarrow assembly line.

Filling the forms.


Such good friends.


She's level.

Toe-nailing a screw.  Literally.

The dome in pieces.


Happy pizza oven owner.

Curing the oven.  Six days at a constant 700 F.

Safety last!

Putting the final cement coat on the dome.

 Let's put this baby to bed for the winter!

And THAT, my friends, is the update on Joe's outdoor wood-fired pizza oven.  Stay tuned.  See you in the spring!

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