Sunday, April 5, 2015

Twenty-Nine Years And Counting

Joe and I got married twenty-nine years ago today.  April 5, 1986.  In some ways it seems like another lifetime ago.  And in other ways it feels as if it happened just yesterday.

Our wedding day was the first time my mom and dad had seen each other since they got divorced six years earlier.  Yikes!  Talk about nerve-wracking.

Mr. and Mrs.

Joe and I with my mom, sisters and brother-in-law

 The happy couple


My favourite wedding portrait of us.

Leaving the reception for our wedding night!

Day one of our marriage.

 Twenty-nine years later.

Happy Anniversary Joe!  We drive each other around the bend but there's no one else I'd rather be in that car with than you.  And I am always excited to see what is going to be around the next corner!  Here's to another 29 years of love, laughter and absolute craziness.

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