Sunday, November 2, 2014

Gifts From A Funeral

I attended a funeral yesterday.

A beautiful funeral.

A funeral that any of us would love to happen on our behalf when we die.

It was sad, it was poignant, it was profound.

The eulogies were delivered with grace and love.

In amongst the sadness and tears there were smiles and laughter.

And as is often the case, it took a funeral to reconnect us.

To remind us of what is important.

With people we shared shared big chunks of our lives with years ago.

Brackendale Elementary School days, Sparks, Brownies, Girl Guides, mountain biking.

Playdates, sleepovers, swimming in Granny and Grampy's backyard pool.

We recaptured that yesterday.

A reunion is planned for the upcoming Christmas holidays.

When all the birdies fly back to the nest.

All eleven of us together.  At our place.  With Joe's pizza taking centre stage.

These are the gifts from a funeral.

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